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Around the World in 60 Minutes

Framed within a journey around the world, our show begins with a traditional Hungarian Dance. We then visit the Egyptians and their Ocarinas, the Chinese Priests and their Dragon Headed Trumpets. March with us down the Appian Way accompanied by the sound of the Roman Cornu. Watch out for its blaring Turkish counterpart, the Schnib. A quick stopover in the Swiss Alps reveals the first mobile phone, a 1000 year old 3.6 metre Alpine Horn. Imagine the Tuba as the STAR of the Spanish opera Carmen, meet the characters and see the action in four and a half minutes. Discover our newest addition, courtesy of Wessex Tuba, the smallest Tuba in the World. With music from every continent, a real Global Extravaganza!

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Travleeling by Tuba I— The Original


Around the World in 60 Minutes - The Sequel

After opening in Rio de Janeiro with your very own South American Samba Band, we then see an Aboriginal Didgeridoo, a Bavarian Shepherd with his Gems Horn and a Zulu Warrior with the spiralling war like Kudu Horn. The mood changes with a calming African Spiritual before being amazed by an early Italian opera Tuba, the Cimbasso. Travel to the Far East; see the two and a half metre high Tibetan Dung encrusted in jewels to thank the Gods for their music. Cross the Atlantic and meet the swingin’ American cousin of the Tuba, the Sousaphone – straight from the heart of New Orleans. With a Can-Can dancing tubist, and an exploding Tuba we head for the stars in our intergalactic Finale.


Best of British Show by Travelling by Tuba

Best of British Show - Flag Waving


Best of British

Our show opens with a flag-waving British procession before stepping back in time with two of the early invaders: the Vikings with the Animal Horn and the Romans with their Cornu. From the Tudor period we feature the Sackbut and Cornett playing a typical courtly dance. We then see and hear the first type of Tuba, the snake-like Serpent originally used in the church. In the Industrial Revolution we see how the valve developed with our unique Valve Machine. The Victorians performed music in their parlours; hear tunes from the time and see how they would have dressed. World War II songs were full of optimism - learn two of them as they are put together at the same time and then continue the patriotic theme in our tribute to ‘The Last Night of the Proms’ in a special suite with an exploding Tuba!!

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Travelling by Tuba II— The sequel


Olympic Show

Especially designed to link with the 32nd Olympic Games taking place now in Tokyo in July and August 2021. Our show begins with the Japanese National Anthem and a flag waving opening ceremony, imagine you are in the New National Stadium in Tokyo and hear the Olympic Hymn before the competition starts. The games originated in Greece and we feature the ancient Greek Pan Pipes before visiting every continent - African Kudus, Australian Didgeridoo, American Sousaphone, Italian Cimbasso and the Asian Dungs to name just a few. Be amazed by the Musical Athletics, how high, how low, how long, how fast, try and keep up in the Flight of the Bumble Bee. The show reaches a climax with our unique Olympic Sports Suite – a Real Gold Medal Winner.

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Christmas Show by Travelling by Tuba


Christmas Show

Christmas traditions and instruments from around the world, seasonal music and a few surprises along the way. From Christmas Island and the Conch shell to the Three Kings and the Dungs from the East. Pere Noel and the French Ophicleide and the Swiss Alpine Horn made from a Spruce Tree - a type of Christmas Tree. This can be part of a full Christmas Performance Day culminating in a performance by the children for their parents and friends.


Commonwealth Games and World Cup Shows

As with our Olympics Show above, these sporting event performances take everyone on a musical journey, based very strongly on the event at that time. After the Olympic Games in 2021, we will be developing a new Commonwealth Games Show for Birmingham in 2022 and a special Football World Cup Show for the event in Qatar. With plenty of audience participation, these shows are educational and fun.

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